Sungang mixed-use lifestyle development, Shenzhen

Morphis are developing a unique prototype design for a mixed-use lifestyle development in Shenzhen

'Hanging at the mall' will take on an entirely new connotation - no longer is it good enough for mixed-use developments to include a retail component just to buy and leave. The reinvented retail format Morphis are developing create engaging places to retain and hold customers as a programmed series of spaces and events.

Stores become stages, delivering 'classroom retail,' showcasing the makers and processes behind products and brands. Event areas will host showpiece interactive activities and events to give visitors a more stimulated experience; the smartphone in our pockets is the gateway to the customised retail experience.

The emerging Generation Z and Millennials, who will account for upto 20% of the population by 2020, live and work in a very immersive way, and we respond to this need by blurring the boundaries between MTR, arrival, office and retail experience to maximize the landscape, blurring the boundaries between public and private shared spaces - office, retail and residential coming together in a very unique proposition.

An opportunity to explore, discover and connect - irrigated with people to engage in both meaningful and memorable experiences.