Chengdu Sports University - Performance Landscapes

Morphis have been developing a new landscape approach towards integrating natural systems, food production and water recycling . . .

Collaborating with Make Architects and BIAD, (Beijing Institute of Architecture and Design) on the Chengdu Sports University, Morphis celebrated the topographical context and valley basin of the site to bring sporting and natural inspirations together in a unique way - visually, programmatically and ecologically. A community that is embedded in land and water, nature’s expressions of two qualities that are so important in sport – endurance and movement.

The landscape strategy was developed with a close relationship to the academic and sports facilities, creating a unique connection with nature to walk or cycle following the contours of land and edges of water. Anchored to existing topography are a series of agricultural terraces, providing fresh, traceable kitchen produce with ‘field to fork’ culinary delights served in the campus restaurants.